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KMG Air Safety Workshop

Krav Maga Air Safety & Disruptive Passenger Workshop

PLEASE NOTE: Booking for this event is through our partner website, No Fear Academy. More details below. 

The Event

Our annual international ‘Krav Maga Air Safety & Disruptive Passenger’ event is the only one of its kind within the civilian Krav Maga community. Following our 5 previous succesful events and by popular demand, we are back this April for HIJACK #6. The event will take place on Saturday 28th April 09:30 - 16:30 and is limited to 40 passengers. Once the seats are full we will close the flight bookings. We are feezing the price yet again this year at just £99.00 and this includes a buffet lunch and free bottles of water throughout the day. 

Lead by Nick Maison who trained alongside heads of security from various well known international airlines, on an 8-day Civil Aviation Authority course, and Jose Silva ex-Combat Search & Rescue team member from Portuguese Air Force, assisted by Hugh Neal and Rob Sanders (all Krav Maga Global Expert Level or senior Graduate Level instructors), this full-day workshop takes you inside a decommissioned aircraft fitted with special effects, functioning electrical and media systems, to experience what it’s like to be inside a hijack situation.

You will understand how to avoid being the focus of attention for your captors, which could lead to you being singled out for hostage negotiation, interrogation or even killed.
We also look at ways to diffuse simple arguments with other passengers who may be under stress from fear of flying or under the influence of drugs or too much alcohol. In some cases, you will be able to assist the aircrew with 3rd party defences.
Ultimately you will get the chance to experience using your Krav Maga training and techniques for self-defence in a confined space, with restrictions such as your seat belt, reduced legroom and small aisles to negotiate.

This full-day event consists of a short lecture and various training in and outside of the aircraft. A buffet lunch is provided and event T-shirts are available to pre-order for collection at the event.
T-shirts can be purchased by visiting directly and searching under the accessories section.

The Aim

The aim is of this event is to give Krav Maga students the experience of being subject to aircraft hijack conditions, dealing with disruptive passengers and to carry our procedures and Krav Maga techniques to prevent and deal with the aforementioned situations in a confined space and realistic environment. This is not an Air Marshal course or certified in any other way. It is purely an ‘experience’ and Krav Maga Training workshop. 


All participants must be regular Krav Maga Students over the aged of 18 years. Krav Maga Global (KMG) students registered to a recognised KMG school will have priority to this event. UK students will be asked for their Krav Maga Global licence/insurance number.  Non-UK participants will be asked to provide a valid photo ID (for example a national passport) at the event check in and departure gate. Anyone found attempting to attend this seminar for inappropriate reasons and who are not involved with Krav Maga will be refunded and refused training. Full information can be found on our Facebook event page

Booking Procedure

Booking for this event will close on the 13th April 2018. Bookings must must be completed via our partner website online at . Please book using an email addres that you monitor on a regular basis. Your booking confirmation will contain important information that you will need to retrieve to attend this event. All participants will be sent a boarding pass with their booking confimation. Ensure you can access this and print it off prior to your arrival at the event. 

Refunds will not be given for cancellations received after midday (12:00 GMT) on the 13th April 2018. If you do need to cancel your booking please contact us immediately. We may in some circumstances be able to arrange a buyer for your ticket, (if for example, we have people on a reserve list). This is not guaranteed.    

More info, fun and updates on our Hijack Experience Facebook page

Event Review - by Tara... A Survivor.

...0900hrs I arrived and we were taken into the main office building, where we were welcomed and given a event brief and run down of the day's training ahead. We were told we would experience a day of various training including some techniques  inside an aircraft and asked for our boarding passes. Unfortunately I left mine pinned to my fridge at home, so I was given a stern talking to by Captain Maison and given my seat number, 3E. Near the front but not quite first class sadly. Off we went to board our flight KMG-007 to Israel! As with normal airport security we were frisked before we went on board and sat in our designated seats. Just as our air hostess was giving the safety talk there was a small disruption at the front of the plane, simply a passenger insisting on using the toilet. The air hostess carried on with her spiel and even though I was expecting something I still got a shock when the disruptive passenger burst out of the toilet wearing a balaclava and holding a weapon. I say weapon here because I honestly cannot remember if he had a knife or a gun. It was such an aggressive, shocking moment. The “hijackers” were a class act because immediately 3 other guys in balaclavas were running around the plane screaming at us to get our heads down!

Here’s the weird thing. I knew I was perfectly safe. Yet having a gun, however fake, shoved in your face while a bloke in a balaclava is screaming at you to shut the blinds, well, it’s pretty intense. My heart was racing so believe me I did precisely what I was told. Cue 30 minutes of stress positions, smoke, being manhandled, along with general tactics to disorientate us plus lots of shouting in our faces. Frankly, I wasn’t a fan and I learnt that I would be extremely compliant in the unlikely event this ever happened to me I real life. I did not want to get on the wrong side of these guys, they sounded like they meant business. At one point I was roughly escorted to the rear of the plane. Here I was “interrogated” by someone who I presumed to be Nick. Can’t say I enjoyed it much. After what seemed like hours we were “rescued” and all piled out of the plane. I felt like we had been in a cave, my first thought was to find Garry and I was relieved to see that he looked the same as me, a bit shell shocked and blinded by the sunlight.
We went back into the classroom where Nick and José debriefed us. Some people noticed loads, but not me. All the things I’d told myself I’d ever do if faced with a hostile situation like remember names, clothes, types of weapons etc, went out the window. I kept my head down and did as I was told, I was the gray man, and that was the way I liked it thank you very much. After a quick break we were back on the plane to learn techniques to deal with disruptive passengers – happy days!

Like everything with krav there was a timeline.   The initial threat we were dealing with was someone without a weapon who was being disruptive, maybe stressed or intoxicated and possibly trying to punch. Eventually the situation escalated to dealing with knife and gun threats.  I think we were training inside the plane for 90 plus minutes, but I can’t honestly say for sure because the time was flying by.  It was a boiling hot day and even though we were drenched in sweat we were having a blast!  One of the things I really enjoyed about this seminar was that we were taken through what to do when we had an easy exit from our seats – i.e. nearest the aisle – and the more troublesome scenario when we were blocked in by the attacker.  Seeing Nick and José doing the demos was something akin to watching ballet or gymnastics.  The skill and fluidity of their movements, being executed in such a difficult environment, made me envious and awestruck in equal measure.
Attending this seminar confirms to me once again why I do krav.  It’s not necessarily a physical challenge but a mindset, an attitude.  If something doesn’t work for you, there is always an alternative.  Obviously Garry and I experienced different issues and naturally Nick, José and Hugh weren’t fazed.  I always smile when James tells us to “be the nightmare” but it was ringing in my ears for this seminar.  The tight space coupled with the realisation that if someone is coming at you with a knife at 35000ft your options are limited certainly focuses your mind!  It meant at times I was bracing myself against the seats, putting ALL of my body weight into Garry and quite honestly if I could get a groin strike in at any time I was going for it.  I am absolutely certain it wasn’t perfect technique and was pretty ugly but I didn’t care.  You can’t scan and leg it on an airplane, so believe me after our hijack experience I wanted to be the nightmare! 
Overall it was a great day; Nick , José & Hugh were really approachable.  I learnt so much, had so much fun and I made new friends.  If they do their version of “Airplane 2” I’ll be there – after all it’s krav, what’s not to like?!  (Tara - Krav Maga Global instructor)

Watch the promo clip here.