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Tactical Training Course

General Information.

Date: 17th -19th August 2018 (inclusive).
Location: Czech Republic
Cost: £325.00


What do I need to know? 

A weekend of tactical Krav Maga training, focused heavily on Krav Maga techniques with and against handguns. Participants will learn how to use a handgun and various other firearms in a secure environment with professional instructors.  The weekend includes CQC/CQB training, stress drills and live shooting. We will also have time to visit,  have a group dinner and enjoy an evening out in the beautiful city of Prague. View our previous event movie clip here. 

All participants must be part of a recognised Krav Maga Global (KMG) club. UK participants must hold a KMG UK licence and have been training regularly for a minimum of 3 months within their club. All hotels, all main meals, (breakfast, lunch and evening meal), specialised equipment, weapons & ammunition and all transport on all training days are included in the course fee. You just need to book your own flights.

Payment is in advance by bank transfer only. There is a zero refund policy on this event, as the training is specialised and due to the fact that accomodation, weapon hire and shooting ranges need to be booked and paid for in advance. Please ensure you can attend and get the relevant flights, before registering and making payment.  This event is  LIMITED TO 12 PLACES ONLY... Your place is not guaranteed until full payment has been received. We will not hold unpaid reservations. Full details of the event and a kit list will be sent on enquiry.  REGISTER HERE TODAY.


If we don’t know you, expect to be vetted prior to acceptance. You will be asked for your KMG licence details. No licence = No training. We reserve the right to refuse anyone on this training event who we deem to be unsuitable or who may present risk to safety during in training