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P1 - P5 Accelerator £26.99

This Practitioner Level 1- 5 accelerator is the chance to run through your chosen syllabus with a dedicated instructor, for an intensive 4 hour period. This is a fast paced overview of the syllabus and we will not be going into great details with each technique. We will be covering check points on the techniques and giving fast corrections.

P3 - P5 and above National Grading will take place on the 17th and 18th of March in London & Harlow, respectively. P1 and P2 testing will take place at  TKM club level, at the same location in Maidenhead as this accelerator event, on the 17th March. 

You will be sent a booking confirmation, Please ensure you reply to this with whether you are intending to test or not and for which level. You will require a KMG Licence number to attend this event.

NOTE: All students attending P3 and above KMG National Grading events are now required to present a grading card to the registration desk at the event. This card will be signed and stamped by your instructor to signify that you are at the required level and have consulted with your instructor. These cards are presented at the Accelerator Course, to those students who we feel are ready for the testing.   

Booking for this event closes 18:00 on Friday 23rd February 2018.