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Krav Maga P1 & P2 Grading £45.00

Total Krav Maga (KMG) P1 Testing Event

Saturday 17th March 2018  Timings: 13:00 until 16:00

You've been attending classes regulary for at least 3 months, have your valid KMG licence and have completed your acclerator course... You are finally ready to take your test and grade in Krav Maga. This event is a chance to experience the atmosphere and work intensity of grading at club level, before you progress through to the national grading events, from P3 upwards. We want to know that you have been training regulary and learning the syllabus correctly... After all you want to know that everything you have learned is actually practical and can be used to defend yourself on the street, right? Us too... We do not want people to end up having a false sense of self-confidence, so the testing is purely there to see if you understand what your Krav Maga instructor has been teaching you, and to see if you can perform the techniques. So relax, show some fighting spirit and have a great experience with us. 

The price of the grading includes your KMG Passport (grading and events record book, for those taking P1), Your testing certificate and Practitioner Level patch.

To be eligible to grade you must have been 'attending' regular training for a minimum of 4 months (or 3 months with an accelerator course). You must hold a valid KMG licence. Please do not turn up on the day without a valid licence. We do not want to turn you away but without the licence, you cannot take a test. Your instructor will let you know if you are eligible to attend following your acclerator course.

Remember there is no 'Good LUCK' only 'Good SKILLS'... So best wishes and KIDA!