Total Krav Maga Membership Information


Total KM Full Membership - £67.00 per month.

To be eligible for our Total Krav Maga ‘full membership’ you must currently be over 16 years of age. Young adults aged between 16 and 18 may join with written parental consent. Parents must attend the first  class to meet the instructor and complete any contracts, payments or direct debits. All monthly membership payments are by direct debit from a UK Bank account only. We do not offer a ‘pay as you go' or cash payment scheme, except for foreign short term members (see below).

For short term visitors to the club, the minimum contract period is 3 months, as per our regular members. If you do not hold a UK Bank account an upfront payment for the minimum contract period (3 months) must be paid in full and in advance, prior to or at your first training session with us.  

At Total Krav Maga we are focused on delivering high quality training without all the hassle of multiple memberships. You can train unlimited times, at any location with your monthly membership.

Note:  Total Krav Maga club members are NOT required to be a member at any of the gyms where we run our classes. For those who are already a member of the specific gym where we do have a class, you may be entitled to our discounted membership, (see below). 

Total KM Discounted Membership - £52.00 per month.

To eligible for our Total KM ‘discounted membership’ you must be a full time member of HM Forces,  Emergency Services (Police Officer, Fire Service or Paramedic), full time student or existing gym member at one of our locations. You must be able to produce a valid I.D. at the time of joining Total KM. Please be aware that the discount does not apply to the trial class or joining fee unless there is a specific promotion on offer.

Total KM Family Membership - From £87.00 per month

To be eligible for our Total KM Family Membership you must be a direct relation with the other member you are joining with (husband & wife, Son & daughter etc). We offer you the option to make a single payment per month of just £87.00, plus a single joining fee of £40.00 for you both (maximum of two members), providing that you sign up on the night of your trial class. If you choose to sign up at a later date, (for example 1 week later) the joining fee will be a single £60.00 to cover both members.  For three family members we offer a fixed rate of £110.00 per month and one off joining fee of £60.00 for all 3 people.  

What’s included in the Total KM Membership?

  • Free Total Krav Maga Club 'regular' T-shirt & Groin Protector, once you sign up.

  • Regular club newsletter with tips and events info by email, invite to our social media groups.

  • Unlimited training with our professional instructors at any of our locations.

  • Total KM membership rates when booking any of Total KM’s workshops or events.

  • Insurance is offered but NOT included. This is purchased independently via our parent organisation  KMG (Krav Maga Global). This also acts as your  Krav Maga licence (required for gradings and events).


Terms & Conditions


Need to take a break but don’t want to leave the club?

No problem, we have two monthly membership options, 'active' or 'non-active'. Active means you are training regularly at any of our locations. Non-active means you are still a member but not training at any locations for a period of time (injured or away with work holidays for example) and are not attending the classes. After your first payment and joining fee have been paid, you are then entitled to take the non-active option of just £15.99 per month, (see 'membership suspension' notes below).

Booking Procedure

When you book your 'trial class' online, you will be contacted by email within 48 hrs with a booking confirmation and details of your location, timings and what to bring with you. There will be a health questionnaire attached to your email. Please ensure you print this, complete the information in full and bring it along with you on the night. Hand it to the instructor when you register.

Joining Fees

Our joining fee is normally £60.00, however If you decide to join us on the night of your trial class, we'll only charge you £40.00. We do this by taking the £20.00 that you've spent on booking the trial class and use it as a credit towards your joining fee. This will be taken on your first direct debit along with your first month’s training fees. 

Important Payment & Membership Information

  • All payments are by monthly Direct Debit from a UK bank account only. 

  • No cancellation of the Direct Debit prior to the first payment. 

  • All cancellations require 30 days written notice. 

  • Free T-shirts and all promotions are only valid on the evening of your pre-booked trial class when completing a 3 month contract.

  • Membership Direct Debit forms completed at a later date will not be entitled to the promotional offers.

  • The minimum membership contract term is 3 months. if you wish to leave after 3 months you can give 30 days notice at the end of your 2 month period. 

  • Once booked, we will not refund you in the event that you cannot attend your trial class. 

  • As Total Krav Maga operates an open membership policy ,we will not refund members for any classes that have not been attended or missed. 

Membership , Annual holidays & occasional class cancellations

We do not run classes on Public/Bank Holidays. We take our annual leave for 2 weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period and 2 weeks during the summer holiday period. Exact dates may vary each year and will be posted on the Latest News page and via email newsletter. As we operate a ‘train anytime /anywhere unlimited training policy’, we will NOT refund part membership payments for classes not attended, occasional class cancellations due to bad weather, instructor illness or when the locations we hire, have to temporarily close for maintenance/events or similar activities, nor when we have informed members of a cancellation in advance, or for classes which are suspended during the holiday periods.

Membership cancellation/ suspension

Should you decide that you need to take a break from your classes for any reason. TKM operates a non-active membership rate for our members. This ensures that you can remain a member of TKM 
with all the benefits but your regular class membership is placed on hold during this period, until you contact us to re-activate your full membership. Your monthly payments are reduced to £15.99 You will still receive all newsletters and can attend additional workshops at TKM member rates. It is only your regular monthly class membership which is placed onto the non-active status.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, you can either do this by phone or in writing (email accepted) within the first 14 days of your contract (the 'cooling off' period). You will may still be charged a joining fee for any classes you have used within that period or any equipment/uniforms you have used prior to cancelling.

If the first 14 days of your contract have passed. You will now be in your 3 month minimum contract period. During this 3 month period you are unable to cancel or change/ update your contract. If you wish to cancel during this period, you may give written notice following the collection of your 2 monthly membership fee. Providing all payments were completed during your 3 month minimum contract period, your cancellation will be acknowledged in writing and you will be advised of your final payment date and membership expriy date.  

Note: Please be advised that cancelling your direct debit with your bank without giving us written notice will attract a cancellation fee, enforced by our monthly fee collections service provider NEST Management.  If you would like a copy of your signed contract, you can request this at any time by contacting Total Krav Maga on the email address you received your 'welcome' email or any newsletters/ correspondence from.  


Rejoining after a cancellation

If you were previously a member of Total Krav Maga who gave 30 days notice of cancellation and are rejoining, a reduced administration fee of £30 will be charged on your first NEW monthly  direct debit. If you cancelled directly at your bank without contacting us, a full joining fee of £60.00 will be applied to your first NEW monthly direct debit.  

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