Total Krav Maga Junior Membership & Terms and Conditions


Where & When are our Classes?

Slough, Thames Valley  - Mondays 17:00 - 18:00 at Farnham Royal (ages 6-10 years)

Slough, Thames Valley - Mondays 18:00 - 19:00 at Farnham Royal (ages 11-15 years) 

Ealing, West London - Tuesdays 16:30 - 17:30 at Ealing Broadway (ages 6-10 years)

Ealing, West London - Tuesdays 17:30 - 18:30 at Ealing Broadway (ages 11-15 years) 

Hammersmith, West London - Thursdays 17:30 - 18:30 at Ravenscourt Park (mixed ages 6-15 years)

Barnes, West London - Saturdays 09:00 - 10:00 at Barnes (mixed ages 6-15 years) 

You can view maps of our locations here and you can book a junior trial class here.


Junior Membership - £45.00 per month.

At Total KM we are focused on delivering high quality training for youngsters as well as adults. All new memberships come with a £10.00 joining fee for single membership. Multiple family members joining are subject to diffent fees (see below). We accept new members to our Total Krav Maga Junior membership who are aged between 6 and 15 years old. As we expand,  we aim to make our classes more age specific, however we want to offer the most flexibiliy for our junior members to train with us in the mean time, so our policies are as follows:

1. Total Krav Maga 6-15 year olds MAY train at the allocated location for their age group.

2. Total Krav Maga 13-15 year olds MAY train at adult classes, if their parent or adult sibling is their training partner.

3. Total Krav Maga 16 & 17 years old may join our adult classes with written parental consent.


Total KM Family Membership - Juniors Only - From £65.00 per month

Where multiple family members wish to train with us we offer a ‘Family Membership’ package.

  • 2 Siblings: Single joining fee of £20.00 for both juniors + monthly membership fee of £65.00 for both Juniors.

  • 3 Siblings: Single joining fee of £30.00 for 3 juniors + monthly membership fee of £85.00 for 3 juniors

  • 4 Siblings: Single joining fee of £40.00 for 4 or more juniors + monthly membership fee of £100.00 for 4 or more juniors.

Total KM Family Membership Adult & Junior - From £87.00 per month

Our Total KM Family Membership (Adult & Junior) is for those parents who would like to train with us at the adult classes but also have children attending our junior classes, or for those who wish to train together and fit in with our ages policies on the top paragraph of this page.  We offer you the option to make a single payment per month of just £87.00, plus a single joining fee of £40.00 for you both. For three family members we offer a fixed rate of £110.00 per month and one off joining fee of £60.00 for all 3 people. Please note, our adult and junior classes are completely separate. We do not run mixed adult and junior classes. Juniors may only train at our classes with their adult family members, as per the top paragrpah of this page.    

What’s included in the Total KM Membership?

  • Free Total Krav Maga Junior club T-shirt, once signed up.

  • Discount code for Krav Maga gear on our web shop 

  • Free insurance for first 3 classes

  • Unlimited training with our professional instructors at any of our locations

Need to take a break but don’t want to leave the club?

No problem, we have two monthly membership options, 'active' or 'non-active'. ‘Active’ is when your child is attending regular weekly classes. ‘Non-Active’ is when you are not attending regular weekly classes but still remain a member of Total Krav Maga, perhaps during a holiday period, injury or other situation where it is not possible to attend the weekly classes. After your first payment and joining fee have been paid, you are then entitled to take the non-active option. We can stop your paymens for the complete month or a pro rate per week. The non-active membership must be requested in writing (email) at least 7 days prior to the first non-active date.  We will not offer a refund once the membership payments have been made.  

Booking Procedure

All trial classes are booked online through our junior trial class booking page. After booking your trial class online, we'll contact you by email to confirm your booking and send you a health form to complete and a membership form to bring with you. Please ensure that you book using a current email address that you monitor regularly. 

Many people have out of date email addresses connected to their PayPal accounts etc, and therefore do not recieve the booking information we send out. Please check the email address you booked with and any SPAM, promotions or junk folders you may have and confirm your attendance back to us, so that we know you have received the booking confirmation. 

You will get an automated reply immediately, however we aim to send you a full booking confirmation with your health and membership forms within 24 hours or the next working day during weekends or holiday periods.   

Joining Fees

Our joining fee for single juniors is £10.00, unless stated otherwise or we are running a promotional offer. For multiple siblings please see the paragraph above entitled ‘Family Membership’.

Important Payment & Membership Information

  • All payments are by monthly Direct Debit from a UK bank account only.

  • No cancellation of the Direct Debit is acceped prior to the first payment. 

  • The minimum membership contract term is 1 month for our junior membership.  

  • Once booked, we do not offer refunds in the event that a trial class cannot be attended. We will endeavour to offer one further alternative date without he need to rebook online. 

  • As Total Krav Maga operates an open membership policy, we will not refund members for any classes that have not been attended or missed. 


Membership, Annual holidays & occasional class cancellations

We do not run classes on public, bank or school holidays. We may run specific events from time to time during holiday periods. We take our annual leave during the Summer Holiday period and Christmas/ New Year period. Exact dates may vary each year and parents will be notified well in advance by newsletter. We will NOT refund part membership payments for classes not attended, occasional class cancellations due to bad weather, instructor illness or when the locations we hire, have to temporarily close for emergency maintenance/events or similar activities, nor when we have informed members of a cancellation in advance, or for classes which are suspended during the short school holiday periods.

Membership Cancellation

Should you wish to cancel your child's membership and training with Total Krav Maga, you are required to give 30 days written notice prior to the cancellation of your direct debit, in writing. Email is acceptable. Cancelling directly with your bank without giving us written notice will incur a cancellation fee of an additional months’ membership payment, enforced by our monthly fee collections service provider, NEST Management. 

Rejoining after a cancellation

If you want you to re-register your child for Total Krav Maga classes following a period of cancellation and you were able to give us 30 days notice at the time of cancellation, no joining fee will be charged. If you cancelled directly at your bank without contacting us, a full re-joining fee of £10.00 will be applied to your first NEW monthly direct debit.

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