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Currently no dates
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are not taking any new trial class bookings and will be putting all future trial classes on hold to be review around Easter. We hope to get things back to normal soon.

If you have booked a trial class, you are still expected to attend.

Please let us know if you are interested in booking a trial class by emailing and will let you know when our trial classes are running again.

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Currently no dates
Classes in Middlesex take place weekly at the locations below.

General Information

What happens at a Hayes Total Krav Maga class?

As with most combat systems and martial arts, we start by lining up and bowing to the instructors, who in return will bow to you. Each class has a mixture of males and females of all ages. During the class you will be required to train with different partners on a regular rotation, throughout the 90-minute session. All classes involve some functional fitness, power exercises and warm up games. We typically then work on some striking and specific Krav Maga techniques from our syllabus.

The class normally ends with some stress drills and summary training exercises. We often split the class into beginners and advance groups, so don't worry if you're just joining us. The instructor will demonstrate and teach you the various techniques along with the tactical behaviour that comes with Krav Maga training. We work on prevention and awareness, as well as the combat elements of Krav Maga, so you'll get a good understanding of how to use tactical behaviour to avoid confrontations.  

With Total Krav Maga, you're guaranteed a good work out whilst learning some very effective self-defence. Expect to sweat a little, make some friends and enjoy becoming more confident.

Do I need any special equipment?

You will receive a uniform, consisting of Krav Maga training pants, a club T-shirt and a groin protector, when you join us as part of your joining fee. We do also advise getting some extra items as you progress with Krav Maga, such as mouth guard, head guards, shin guards and training gloves. We have all of these items on our club web store ‘Krav Wear’. Your instructor will be able to advise you about what you need and when you need it.    

How much does it cost?

Adult Member (regular) - 1st payment £150.00. Subsequent monthly fee £67.99

Adult Member (discount) - 1st payment £135.00 Subsequent monthly fee £52.99

Adult Family (2 members) - 1st payment £239.99. Subsequent monthly fee £89.99

Adult Family (3 members) - 1st payment £339.99. Subsequent monthly fee £139.99

Adult Family (4 members) - 1st payment £439.99. Subsequent monthly fee £209.99

Junior Member (regular) - 1st payment £55.00. Subsequent monthly fee of £45.00

Junior Family (2 members) - 1st payment £85.00. Subsequent monthly fee of £65.00.

Junior Family (3 members) - 1st payment £115.00. Subsequent monthly fee of £85.00.

Junior Family (4 members) - 1st payment £145.00. Subsequent monthly fee of £105.00.

How do I book a trial class?

To book your trial class, use the menu on this page to select your location/date, then follow the booking procedure, as prompted.

On receipt of your booking payment we will send you a booking confirmation by email. Please ensure that you take this with you to the class, along with the completed & printed health/ membership forms that will be attached to your booking confirmation. This will save a lot of time and prevent the class starting late, while we complete your paperwork there.

When booking please use a current email address that you monitor or you will not receive the booking confirmation and will not be allowed to enter the class without the completed paperwork.    

Please Note:

Trial Classes are non-refundable. Once booked, we will not refund you in the event that you cannot attend your trial class. If you do not contact us and have missed your trial class, we will assume you are no longer interested and will remove your contact details from our systems.

If you do contact us to request a change to your booking, we will allow one change of booking for free. After one booking amendment has been made and you are unable to make the new trial class, you will be required to book online again, if you wish to attend a future trial class date. This and other information can be found on our website Terms & Conditions


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Martyna Jones

KMG Graduate Level 5
Krav Maga Qualifications
Civilian Instructor
Krav Maga

Paddington &Hayes

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Nick Maison

KMG Expert Level 4
Krav Maga Qualifications
Civilian Instructor, Military, SWAT, Hand Gun Shooting, VIP Protection, Combat Fighting, Public Transport and Juniors / Kids instructor
Krav Maga, British Army Unarmed Combat instructor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ealing & Oxford


See the maps below for Total Krav Maga classes in Middlesex.



All Adults

09:45 - 11:15
More Energy Fitness Centre
Coldharbour Lane
College Way