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8 Week Krav Maga Beginners B.A.S.E. Course (London)

October 28, 2019

Looking for a new activity for the New Year or a practical beginner’s course for self-defence to participate in during the winter evenings?

Would you like to feel more confident, more aware, more physically fit and able to handle a confrontation or aggressive behaviour?

Well You may have heard about Total Krav Maga. We run classes all over London and the surrounding counties but some people are too busy to commit to a full Total Krav Maga club membership.

Well, we think we have a simple solution. Why not come and do a short foundation course in Krav Maga, where you only have to commit to a 1 x 2-hour session per week, for just 8 weeks? Full details and booking can be found on our event page: B.A.S.E. Course