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Nick Maison returns to training British Soldiers

March 20, 2023

Total Krav Maga chief instructor, Nick Maison was tasked with putting together and delivering a two day military Krav Maga training package for 2 Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

The training consisted of four groups of 30-50 soldiers each, on both days. Needless to say this was an intensive training package as the troops were also conducting other exercises include their own live firing training package and various combat fitness tests.

Over the the two days, we covered some basic Military Krav Maga techniques, specific to working with long weapon threats, side arms and empty hand CQC skills.

The standard of performance from the participants was high and as you would expect from a professional army infantry battalion, the enthusiasm, discipline and safety in training was second to none.

We're very much looking forward to further training dates.

Well done "The Poachers!"