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about 3 months ago

Total Krav Maga News for Spring-Summer 2018...


TOTAL KRAV MAGA - July/August Summer Holiday Class Schedule 2018

Team Total Krav Maga will be taking varied holidays over the late July, August & September periods. Even these machines need to take a break, become human again for few weeks and spend time with family to relax and recharged…

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Junior classes now running in West London

one year ago

Junior Krav Maga classes are now running On Tuesdays (Ealing Boadway) and Thursdays (Ravenscourt Park) 17:30 -18:30 in London, plus our Thames Valley class in Farnhm Common (in betweenn Windsor & Beaconsfield) on Mondays 17:00 - 18:00. Our DBS certified and qualified Kids Krav Maga Coaches are the most professional and highly qualified…

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Rory Miller, Luke De Lacey and Reality Based, well… Reality!

2 years ago

Rory Miller Scenario Course with KMG (UK) by Luke De Lacey - Total Krav Maga.

Total Krav Maga's Luke De Lacey meets Rory Miller, a highly experienced, fighter, trainer, physiologist and author of numerous books relating to violence including ‘Meditations on Violence’ and ‘Conflict Communications’. In short Rory knows a lot about…

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It’s not just a man thing!

2 years ago

Why should women learn Krav Maga? Well the truth is that being able to defend yourself against an assault, is an important skill. Earlier in our evolution as human beings, we were able to defend ourselves from prey or enemies (other tribes). Skills that made our chances of survival longer and able to continue our development were…

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