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Krav Maga is not just a man thing

April 20, 2020

Why should women learn Krav Maga? Well the truth is that being able to defend yourself against an assault, is an important skill.

Earlier in our evolution as human beings, we were able to defend ourselves from prey or enemies (other tribes). Skills that made our chances of survival longer and able to continue our development were essential, such as being able to hunt, cook, run, swim or climb. In today’s modern society technology and machinery have made us lazy & less able to take care of ourselves physically and sometimes even distract us from danger or give us a false sense of security.

Even now with CCTV and all kinds of security devices, do you want to take your chance rolling around on the floor with a male attacker for 2 or 3 minutes before help arrives from the police? ... Or as strangers pass by and ignore your cries for help? In recent times by-passers are more likely to take their phone out and film your ordeal, than get try to help.

Having some basic self defence skills, the confidence to fight back or having the awareness to prevent a situation developing are all key elements of the way we teach at Total Krav Maga (TKM). At TKM we also place a strong emphasis on fitness. Why? Could you run up 2 flights of stairs in a car park, or climb over a fence in a dead end alleyway and land safely after defending yourself from an attempted attack? Could you push a 90 kg man away from you? All of these types of practical and functional fitness applications are taken into account when you train with us, so we do exercises to develop speed,  strength and flexibility, alongside our Krav Maga self-defence skills.

At our classes you will learn how to:

  • To prevent a situation occurring or to avoid it by being spatially aware.
  • How to use safe and effective techniques within the confines of the law.
  • How to use 'controlled' aggression and develop your ability to strike (kick & punch properly) under pressure.
  • How to react against and armed attacker and even a multiple attackers.  

We’ll show what to do after an attack when the adrenaline rush has gone, such as checking yourself for injuries & for your personal belongings, or how do reduce your stress levels so you can think clearly and remember where you parked your car… To try and form a description of your attacker, so you can report the incident to the police while the facts are still fresh in your mind. This is all part of the way we teach. Don’t take our word for it though, read some of our testimonials below and some of the following articles.

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I would like to thank You and Hugh for the Krav Maga lessons and hopefully progress I made...  I really want to thank you because you helped me with my confidence in life, which is a big step for me Johanna (Student - London)
This is a great workout first of all, I feel more confident on the street, I feel safer!... The team is perfect, fantastic instructors… This is great lifestyle for me now! Agnieszka (IT Manager -Reading)
Up until now I haven’t had to use Krav Maga so I can’t say it has 'saved my life', but the training has certainly changed my life! I’m more aware of my surroundings, I observe people, I’m fitter and I’m much more confident. I love it!" Lucy (Beauty Therapist – London)
I really have my Total Krav Maga instructor to thank, because if I hadn't learned Krav then I would almost certainly be lying dead in a ditch somewhere.  J (Student - Oxford)