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Prioritising Safety in Dangerous Situations.

May 14, 2024

In light of recent alarming events, such as the reported sword attack in Hainault, London, it's crucial to revisit the most fundamental principle of personal safety: if you see a dangerous situation, your priority should be to get out and get away as quickly as possible. At Total Krav Maga, we emphasise the importance of safety and self-preservation, underscoring that no amount of training can guarantee your ability to defend against all types of attacks, especially those involving weapons like knives or swords.

Hijack. Air Safety & Disruptive Passenger Event

March 10, 2023

The hijack experience, air safety & disruptive passenger event will be returning in 2024, on Saturday 5th October...

Bully-proof your kids with our teeanger & junior classes...

February 2, 2023

Book your kids onto their trial class today and improve their confidence, awareness, social skills... Read more