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We have been running Professional Krav Maga classes in London and Thames valley for over 12 years, all of our instructors have taken the full Krav Maga Global Instructor Course under Eyal Yanilov of 180 hours over 23 days. We are fully insured and offer comprehensive licencing and insurance packages to all members.


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Our classes, may NOT be full contact 'Krav Maga' as we know it... But it's still training! Train Safe, Be Safe... Book a trail class today!

Professional Krav Maga classes since 2004
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UK's Most Experienced Expert Level Instructors

London, Milton Keynes, Windsor, Reading, Maidenhead
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Our Locations & Your instructors

We have multiple classes across Thames Valley and London.

You can cross train at all locations without restriction for your fixed monthly fee.

It's not just a man thing!

We have an increasing number of women joining us at our Krav Maga classes.
It’s a great workout so apart from getting fitter, the classes will improve your confidence and awareness too!

Total Krav Maga

COVID-19 News: Classes

We have resumed classes at many of our locations, under to the latest government guidelines. As we enter Autumn all of our classes will be moving back inside for the autumn and winter months. All class attendances will be subject to booking in advance, with a maximum capacity to ensure we meet social distancing guidelines.

Krav Maga is not just a man thing

Why should women learn Krav Maga? Having some basic self defence skills, the confidence to fight back or having the awareness to prevent a situation developing... Read more

Bully-proof your kids with our junior classes...

Book your kids onto their trial class today and improve their confidence, awareness, social skills... Read more

Total Krav Maga are an official Krav Maga Global (KMG) School.

We are the leading provider of Krav Maga self-defence classes, workshops, private tuition & personal safety courses across Thames Valley and London.

Total Krav Maga proudly supports Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity