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Hijack. Air Safety & Disruptive Passenger Event

April 12, 2024

We look forward to welcoming many more of you to this popular Krav Maga training event.

You will taught under the experienced eye of Krav Maga experts instructors and ex-military specialists, Nick Maison & Jose Silva.

During this full day event, you will experience being in an aircraft hijack, as well learning Krav Maga techniques to defend yourself in a confined environment.

We will show you how to assist the cabin crew and what options you may have, when things get really bad during a hijack.

Our annual international ‘Air Safety & Disruptive Passenger’ event is the only one of its kind within the civilian Krav Maga community and has been running for around 10 years now. We are excited to be returning on the 5th October this year for HIJACK 2024.

The event will take place at a location near to Bournemouth International Airport and is limited to 40 passengers. Once the seats are full we will close the flight bookings.

The event ticket price includes a full day of training (on and off the aircraft), a buffet lunch and bottled water throughout the day. Hijack event T-shirts are available to pre-order.

For more details and to register visit our events page.